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Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

What motivates people? Why is recognition so important? Why is allowing people to take responsibility for their own work such a powerful motivator? This video gives a brief overview of Dr. Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" theory and relates it to today's business environment.


  • Physical needs: In the workplace this can mean the physical comfort of the workplace. Workplaces that constantly undermine physical comfort, undermine motivation.
  • Safety needs: Here the issue is safety, health, mental and physical, and job security.
  • Social needs: Some workplaces interfere with this basic need and thereby undermine motivation. It may be that the workplace is designed to discourage people from congregating. It may be that it refuses to provide flexibility for individuals to deal with family matters.
  • Esteem needs: A persistently negative corporate culture that refuses to provide psychological support for its employees either through praise or a reward structure de-motivates.
  • Self-actualization: This is a need to feel that what one is doing is worthwhile in the greater scheme of things; that one is contributing to a higher good.

Vignettes help illustrate Maslow's theory and demonstrate why understanding people and their needs is critical for working effectively with internal and external customers and team members.

    What's included:
  • 1 DVD or Videotape
  • 1 Leader's Guide
Format:  VHS Video
Length:   15 minutes
Item #:   430F
Price:     $585.00 (US)
Rental:   $165.00