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Quality Technicians & Mechanical Inspectors

Quality Technicians & Mechanical InspectorsReference Text & Certified Mechanical Inspector Exam Materials
The Handbook for Quality Technicians & Mechanical Inspectors
by Thomas Pyzdek
CMI Study Guide
Detailed solutions to exercises and detailed solutions to exam questions published by ASQ relating to the CMI body of knowledge. The exercises are designed to make you think about and understand the subject, so you'll be ready for any questions that might appear on future exams. Don't settle for study guides that only offer multiple choice Q & A. Of course, our study guide also include simulated exam questions and answers and, answers to previous exam questions.

ASQ's Certified Mechanical Inspector Exam Materials
Prepare for the ASQ Certified Mechanical Inspector exam with Quality Publishing's comprehensive set of training tools.

    Format:  Softcover, 607 pages
    Item #:  QAB450
    Price:     $65.00

    The CMI Study Guide 113 pages, Softcover #:QAB446 $35.00