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SPC IV Excel Pricing

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SPC IV Excel™

This Easy, Fast, and Affordable Excel Based SPC Product Combines the Power of SPC Analysis with the Simplicity of Microsoftİ Excel.

It's so easy to use, you probably already know how!
    Key Benefits
  • Installs a small icon on your Excel toolbar for quick access.
  • Inserts a few simple menus for direct access to powerful features.
  • Uses data from Excel and generates a chart with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Uses SPC algorithms that have been used by thousands for almost 20 years.
  • User interface similar to Excel Charting feature for almost no learning curve.
  • Copy SPC charts to MS Word to generate reports.
  • Convert charts to JPEG images to post to Web.
  • Send SPC charts to anyone via email.
  • Do complex non-normal analyses and even stepped control limits.
  • Take advantage of all the advanced features of MS Excel.
  • Affordable for everyone at your facility - Multiple License Pricing of less than $100 per license!
    Supported Chart Types
  • Run Charts
  • Individual-X Charts
  • XBar and Range Charts
  • XBar and Sigma Charts
  • Scatter Diagram (Regression)
  • Pareto
  • Process Capability
  • Histograms
  • Attribute Charts (NP, C, U, and P Charts)
  • Moving Average and Range Charts
  • Moving Average and Sigma Charts
  • Box and Whiskers
  • Bullseye Charts
    Software / Vendor Support
  • NEW! Special FAQ Section for SPC IV Excel!
  • Help System and Product Tutorial
  • No-cost telephone support
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    Supported Versions of Excel
  • Excel 2002/Excel XP
  • Excel 2000

    Current Version: 1.80 (008)
    NEW RELEASE! Customizing colorful and creative charts just got easier! With SPC IV Excel, you now have the ability to set the font and text color of the X and Y axis labels as well as the option to format the chart with background, display, curve, and grid line colors. Upgrade your previously purchased copy of SPC IV Excel for $75 for a single copy or $50 for two or more copies! Contact us at 1-866-203-4309 to upgrade today!

    Format: CD-ROM
    Item #:  QA160
    Price:     $199.00 (US)

    Additional Pricing Information: 

    Single copy $199  
    2-4 copies $125 per copy
    5-9 copies $100 per copy
    10-49 copies $90 per copy
    50-99 copies $80 per copy
    100-249 copies $75 per copy
    250-499 copies $60 per copy
    500+ copies $50 per copy

    Please call 1-866-203-4309 or contact us for additional information.
    Interested in using SPC IV Excel to analyze data in a real-time environment?
      Real-time data analysis just got easier and more affordable! With WedgeLink Software Keyboard Wedge you can transfer RS232 and TCP/IP Data Directly into SPC IV Excel for use with scales, barcode scanners, gages and many other instruments. For more information on the Wedgelink Products, click here.


    SPC IV Excel™ uses the same statistical algorithms that have been in Quality America's SPC-PC family 'engine' for almost 20 years, SPC IV Excel™ is designed to provide an easy to use and affordable solution. The product works as an add-in to Microsoftİ Excel, installed as a small icon on the task bar of Excel. When you click on the SPC icon, you are led effortlessly through a series of steps to construct an SPC chart from your Excel data!

    SPC IV Excel™ is built from Quality America's powerful QA-Active SPC product, and supports fast, accurate, in-depth analysis of your data. Because this is NOT an Excel macro, you have complete control over analysis and charting options. The chart output is simply awesome!

    After a chart has been embedded onto a spreadsheet, the user can right-click on the chart and a popup menu will be displayed. For example, one of the menu items is Chart Type, which will launch a Wizard with the options that initially generated the chart. This allows the user to change a setting without having to regenerate the entire chart.

    As with all our other SPC products, SPC IV Excel™ correctly handles all types of data, whether normally or non-normally distributed. Statistics are shown directly on the chart. Advanced Statistics (subgroup stats) are shown below the chart on the spreadsheet. The product features Context Sensitive Help. Each dialog box has a button that links to a help file, providing a 'how to' to help guide users.

Why Choose SPC IV Excel over other SPC Excel-based Products?

    SPC IV Excel takes full advantage of the latest Microsoft programming models. Compiled as a COM Add-In, instead of a simple VBA macro, these products become a fast, secure and fully integrated feature within Excel. The charting engine of SPC IV Excel is written in C++ and the algorithms have been used by thousands of our customers for over a decade. The end result is an embedded chart object developed to do SPC charts, not just a macro that drives Microsoft's charting tool.

    "Very Good Software. It is simple to operate and quite suitable for routine charting." W.Pach, Master Adhesives

    "I have always used Excel to crunch the data into useful information. SPC IV Excel permits the taking of that information into a meaningful picture, and a picture is more expressive than words." D. Lanhart, Specialty Minerals Inc.

    "It has been a very good buy for us." C. Stevenson, Emmpak

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