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Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function DeploymentQuality Function Deployment provides a logical structure for translating the "voice of the customer" into specific, measurable product and process characteristics. It helps QFD teams to design and produce products and services that customers want, focusing every phase of your operation on meeting and exceeding their expectations.

As a result, it can significantly reduce engineering changes, design cycles, start-up costs and warranty claims. The materials cover the basic concepts and application skills of a four-phase approach to QFD. They also include QFD/CAPTURET software - a comprehensive, extremely flexible means of analyzing and documenting QFD efforts.

Target Audience

  • Design and process engineers
  • Marketing and quality assurance personnel
  • Other QFD team members


  • Introduction to QFD
  • The House of Quality
  • The Voice of the Customer
  • Phases of QFD
  • Program Details

Unit 1: Introduction to QFD

  • Definition
  • Purpose
  • QFD vs. non-QFD development
  • History
  • Benefits
  • Prerequisite corporate culture for successful QFD efforts
  • Basic structure and logic of QFD

Unit 2: The House of Quality (HOQ)

  • Constructing the House of Quality
  • Basic elements
  • Optional elements
  • Data collection
  • Interpreting the HOQ

Unit 3: The Voice of the Customer

  • Kano model of customer perceptions of quality:
    • One dimensional
    • Expected
    • Exciting
  • Customer-oriented market research
  • Accessing existing market data
  • Methods for obtaining unsolicited customer input

Unit 4: Phases of QFD

  • QFD's four generally accepted phases
    • Product planning
    • Product design
    • Process planning
    • Process control planning
  • Overview of the matrix of matrices

Unit 5: Starting a Pilot QFD Study

  • Management's role
  • Selecting a pilot project
  • Selecting a QFD team and team leader
  • Prerequisites and training needs
  • Scheduling project reviews
  • Common pitfalls and obstacles

What's Included?

  • 4 Videotapes
  • 1 Case History Videotape
  • 1 Instructor's Guide
  • 1 Application Guide
  • 2 QFD/CAPTURET Software Disks and User's Guide
  • 2 QFD/FOCUST Training Disks and User's Guide
  • House of Quality Forms
  • 3 Albums

Format: VHS Video
Instructor and Participant Print Materials
Approximate Completion Time: 8-12 Hours
Price: $3,475.00 (US)